3D Printed Remote Control Stephen Hawking-Big Bang Theory

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3D Printed Remote Control Stephen Hawking-Big Bang Theory

PLEASE NOTE: the article below we wrote to illustrate 3D printing possibilities and because it’s just fun. We do not and cannot make or sell this item nor do we know of anyone who does or could help you. In order to make this item for real (like the prop people likely did on the show Big Bang Theory), they would need to have a professional 3D CAD drawing drafted by a mechanical engineer and reference material, like a full body scan of Stephen Hawking in his wheelchair. It likely took them fully dedicated weeks, if not more, just to make the CAD file, 3d print then retrofit, create and assemble all the electrical components to make it actually work… plus obtain the legal rights and permission by Stephen Hawking to do so. The printing method is Zcorp, which makes parts out of plaster and crazy glue. We do not offer that process as its very brittle and fragile.  While we realize there are many fans of the late Stephen Hawking who would love to have this item, unfortunately we will not be the ones able to help you. This item was probably worth $5,000-$10,000 by the time all was said and done.



In a most recent episode of The Big Bang Theory (S10,E09), Howard hauls out a miniature remote control toy he made of Stephen Hawking.


Although his wife and friends tried to convince him in was in poor taste, in the end Stephen Hawking (guest staring on the show) said how he would love to see a mini rc toy of himself.

When I saw the toy first appear on my screen, I immediately had my 3d printing brain working (and although I can’t confirm how it was actually made), it appears to have been in part 3d printed with technology, such as ZCorp, that utilizes ink jet heads containing ink and binders expelled onto thin layers of powder (similar to plaster). That would account for the mini Stephen, his accessories. and the wheelchair. While the rest of the toy could have been composed and retrofitted with additional mechanics, electrical components and wheels that were not 3d printed, in order to make if function!

If you are working on your own prototype, this is an excellent example as to how different methods, components and creativity can go into the creation of your idea.

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