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5 12, 2012

Why Rapid Prototyping is superior to two-dimensional imaging

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When you have the burden of creating a part that will function as a manufacturing solution, you'll find that understanding your prototype on every level imaginable will be of paramount importance to you and your business. By utilizing Rapid Prototyping technology, you can create precise models of the part that you'll be producing by actually [...]

5 12, 2012

SLA VS. Rapid Prototyping VS. 3D Printing

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These terms are thrown around pretty interchangeably in the 3D prototyping world. Not by the technicians of course, but when a client isn't positive about how our process works, they sometimes, by no fault of their own, mistake one for the other. We're here to set the record straight. Rapid prototyping is the correct terminology [...]

5 12, 2012

The advantages of Nylon prototyping over other types of material

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The most practical aspect of our process lies in the fact that we utilize the inherent properties of nylon in order to create a durable and functional prototype. In the production of a 3D prototype, we use melted nylon powder in order to achieve a level of structure and flexibility that will further facilitate functionality [...]

11 10, 2012

Medical Models

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Large scale manufacturing isn't the only feasible function of 3D prototyping. Not by a longshot. Due to groundbreaking medical scanning and imaging technology, recreation of internal biological objects has become more than just science fiction, it's become a reality. The key to creating these three-dimensional models lies in our ability to create exact replicas of [...]