3D Print a Darth Vader Pancake — Why not?

//3D Print a Darth Vader Pancake — Why not?

3D Print a Darth Vader Pancake — Why not?

This fun new invention could allow you to make a 3d printed Darth Vader pancake, based the concept of 3d printing technology. But, before we get into it I have to start this posting with the following disclaimer…

“3D Prototype does not offer custom 3d printed pancakes or sell the printers” (lol)

The PancakeBot, uses more 2d printing technology (like a colour desktop printer) than 3d printing… but it does provide a pretty fun pancake.

3d printing pancakes

How it works as per PancakeBot’s site:

“The PancakeBot™ is the world’s first food printer capable of printing pancakes by automatically dispensing batter directly onto a griddle. Pancake designs can be loaded onto the PancakeBot™ via SD card. Users can make their own pancake designs with the included software or browse through our online community that is updated with fun, new designs every week!”

Our summary

The software with your desired design, basically tells the arm where to go and squirt out pancake batter onto the heated griddle in order to make your design. If you had a steady hand and were artistic you could do the same thing using a squirt bottle with pancake battery onto a hot griddle… but who has time or skill for that!

To make this a true ‘3D printed’ pancake it technically would have to build the pancake in layers adding a 3rd dimension.


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