3D Printed Drone Parts Flying Around

//3D Printed Drone Parts Flying Around

3D Printed Drone Parts Flying Around

As if 3d printing wasn’t already cool enough, many of our SLS nylon parts are flying around in drones!

SLS 3d printed in nylon spinner really flies!

Several drone assemblies that are being made and sold direct to customers contain 3D Prototype Design’s SLS 3D printed parts. Because our SLS models offer final production quality, they not only look great but also provide durable, functional and flexible components much like an injection-molded part. Only a trained eye would know the difference. (of course the image above is not a drone as we have to honor our confidentiality agreements)

Even though it’s only in the last few years that both 3D printing and drones have become more mainstream, we’ve actually been creating 3D printed drones and their components for almost as long as we’ve been in business!

Testing Drones With 3D Printing

If you are working on developing or selling drones, then we’d like to connect with you. From concept to customer, you couldn’t ask for anything better than our 3D printed nylon prototypes as they are not only functional but also can be created quickly. Within days of submitting your CAD files, you could be snapping your parts into place, taking them out into the parking lot and testing your design as if it was your final product.

short run production parts — SLS 3d printing in nylon


The added bonus with 3D printing is that you have the option to make one design at a time and modify as you go, or create multiple versions of the same part (at the same time) and test to see which works best, all in one shot. This approach can save you a serious amount of time in the design process and allow you to get your product to market much faster. We once built over 100 versions of a customer’s proposed propeller for their remote units and within days they were not only snapping them into place, but were also finalizing which design performed best in test flights — all in the same afternoon!

3D Production Drone Parts

If you’re interested in getting your units to market faster while ordering only what you need, then 3D printing may be just what you’ve been looking for. As 3D printing offers the flexibility of printing a few or a thousand, you can easily make economical tweaks or modifications before you commit to your design, expensive molds and warehouse volumes.

Interested in learning more about SLS prototypes of your drone parts? Please contact us today or request a quote and we’d be happy to help!


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