3D Printing Expands into Art

//3D Printing Expands into Art

3D Printing Expands into Art

While 3D printing has been used in many different ways in the past, its uses have typically been practical, such as in the medical industry, education or business, to create a prototype of a design or part. In 2005, though, the technology was adapted and began to be used in art, in large numbers, for the first time.

Once Time Magazine hailed 3D printed design in their list of 100 most influential designs of the year, the art world adopted the technology more fully. Murray Moss even featured an installation piece in the 2011 London Design Festival that focused on 3D printing, called Industrial Revolution 2.0: How the Material World will Newly Materialize.

Regardless of what industry you work in, or what you are looking to create, 3D printing and prototyping may be the best option for you to use. The products are inexpensive, incredibly detailed and can be delivered quickly. Look at 3D Prototype’s services, today, to see if we can serve your needs

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