3D Printing request UNLIKE ANYTHING in 23 years

//3D Printing request UNLIKE ANYTHING in 23 years

3D Printing request UNLIKE ANYTHING in 23 years

My week started with a phone call and a question as to whether our company could help with a very personalized item. Within one minute, it was shared that this customer wanted a 6” custom Lego brick followed by these words “this will be an urn for my son’s ashes, who recently passed away from cancer at the age of 16”. Not even knowing Dan, his son Jackson or his family, I immediately started tearing up and offering my deepest condolences. I then quickly kicked my brain into work mode to figure out how we could help this family during this sorrowful time… and fast?!

Knowing Dan was left empty handed working with another company the week before and only days until Jack’s Celebration of Life gathering, we went to work and our team did not disappoint.

3d Printed Lego Brick Urn for a very special young man, Jack

A Bit About Jackson Hébert

As his mom Wendy wrote “Jackson was just like any other 15 year old kid… silly, smart, witty and vibrant.” We learned that Jack was a new addition to the high school football team, had a part time job at McDonalds, and was an active part of the Lego community with a talent for customizing mini Lego figures. Jack was a fun-loving well-rounded boy with great promise ahead until the unthinkable happened.

Jack’s version of Queen, Live Aid Performance – Instagram: wavy_films to see more of his creations


What would normally been considered a simple visit to the emergency room to quick bandage up a teenager’s knee hurt at school, an x-ray a few weeks later lead to the diagnosis that Jack had bone cancer. (the same cancer Terry Fox had, Metastatic Osteosacroma).

Jack was incredibly brave and strong during his bought with cancer and passed away peacefully at his home with family by his side on March 11, 2019, the age of 16.

A Bit About What We Did – Lego Urn

Jack’s family wanted something special as a keepsake to hold his ashes. With Lego being such a passion for Jack, it only seamed fitting. Our head technician Tim, a dad of two and fan of building Lego with his own young son, was already working on the CAD drawing while I shared my phone conversation before we even had the approval to proceed. After all, we didn’t have time to waste if it was a go.

While Dan had sent us a CAD drawing of a building brick he found on-line, that wasn’t good enough for us. This had to be special with details fitting for its purpose. The right shape, curvatures, screw on cap, specific font, JACK’s name as the logo and the perfect blue all had to be present. Built using the SLS (selective laser sintering) process and nylon 12, hand finished, primed and painted this block was true to its smaller counterpart and in fact would function just like the real deal with snap fit capabilities.

Although this project was incredibly emotional to execute, it was very gratifying to know that we were able to contribute in a small way towards Jack’s memory.

Jack’s 3D printed Lego brick among his mini Lego creations – shared with us by his parents

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