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Longest Running 3D Printing Service Facility in Canada

At 3D Prototype Design Inc. we know a thing or two about providing expert 3D printing services, guidance and prototypes that customers can really count on. When we first opened our doors in 1996, none of our original customers even knew what 3D printing was or how valuable it would become as a part of their product development process.

The 3D Printing Experts

3D Prototype Design ShopEven today many people are just now learning about 3D printing and what it can do! As leaders in the industry, we take great pride in the services we offer by way of informing and educating our customers as to how 3D printing actually works, introducing them to new technologies and what they can expect in exchange for their prototyping dollars.

Originally making 3D printing history, we purchased and operated in-house the first FDM machine sold in Canada. As our business and reputation grew, we added other forms of technology including four Selective Laser Sintering machines as well as other 3D printing technology in order to offer our customers an even wider variety of materials and options.

Our History of Producing Rapid Prototypes

Over the years we have built a strong reputation for not only supplying prototypes quickly, but also for providing functional short-run production-quality nylon parts, durable rubber-like components and coloured pieces. In fact, many customers use our prototypes as final parts that often end up directly in the hands of their customers. Finding one of our 3D printed parts in an aftermarket drone, light fixture, fishing lure or coffee maker is not uncommon!

Located one hour west of Toronto, our plant in New Hamburg, Ontario, Canada operates 3D printing technology in-house, which allows us to ensure your projects are on time while meeting our high standards and staying within our control. In other words, we are real people ready to answer your questions, provide you with exceptional customer service and are accountable for every project that leaves our shop. As a customer of 3D Prototype Design it’s important to know that EVERY project matters. We want to win you over with our consistent 3D printing services and keep you as a long time customer.

We welcome the opportunity to earn your business and look forward to becoming the 3D printing supplier you count on for all your prototyping requirements, materials and needs.


Please contact us for more information or to receive a quote for your next 3D printing project or prototype.