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If you have a product, part or new idea that you want to take from file to final piece fast, then a prototype model is the perfect option. 3D printing & rapid prototyping has many benefits and can streamline costs and timelines to help you get ahold of your parts quickly. Learn how our rapid prototyping may benefit your projects and get your design to market faster.

Functional & Durable Nylon Rapid Prototypes

Nylon PrototypeIf you value fully functional prototype parts that are robust and allow you to verify and test your design for fit and function, then our SLS (selective laser sintering) rapid prototyping option is unmatched. Some of the benefits of this type of rapid prototyping include:

    • A fully functional prototype using nylon material for superior strength
    • Test, evaluate and assess prototype models without fear of damage
    • Tap, drill, assemble, snap, fit as well as produce living hinges and spring components that actually work
    • Treat parts as you would an injection molded part
    • Rapidly produce one or multiple versions with precision and accuracy during any stage of product development
    • Easy to paint, run fluids through or sterilize

Prototypes Can Save You Time & Money

Coloured Nylon PrototypeWhether you are creating or modifying an existing product, we can greatly reduce your research and development time as well as money you might spend on other rapid prototyping methods. This will provide you with numerous benefits of rapid prototyping from our experienced company.

    • Fast – 24-48 hour service turnover, fast quotes and next day shipping available. Contact Us for more details.
    • Create prototypes without tooling
    • Our experts will detect, and alert you to, potential design and manufacturing errors in the earliest stages of development which may not be apparent on paper or computer screen
    • Correct mistakes throughout the evolution of the product easily, prior to costly tooling and manufacturing
    • Ability to produce several variations of a design at once

  • Ensures accuracy which is crucial before your final project is manufactured, especially if it’s being made overseas
  • Perfect for use while the final product is being produced
  • Short run productions ensure no need for tooling

Create Assemblies, Sales & Trade Show Models

3D Machine Model3D Printing is not just for prototyping any more. You can also take advantage of the rapid prototyping technology and create full assemblies that are ideal for sales and trade show prototype models. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a 3D printed part must be worth a million.

  • Create full assemblies of your parts or for testing and demonstration purposes
  • Great to use as a substitute while waiting for final products to be completed from production facility
  • Clearly communicate your product with scaled down 3D prototype models for sales presentations, trade shows and investor meetings
  • Produce multiple variations of a design while your product evolves, allowing you the opportunity to continue sales until the design is solidified and before committing to final tooling
  • Easier, faster and more economical to transport and display than full scale equipment

Rapid Prototype Parts for Short Run Production

Coloured Nylon PrototypeGiven our years of experience and focus on creating outstanding rapid prototype nylon parts, many of our customers count on us to supply them with final short run production parts. In many cases those same parts are used as final products, ending up directly in the hands of their customers.

  • Quickly produce nylon short runs from five to five thousand, and make only what you need
  • Rapidly produce multiples of one design or many versions of your prototype
  • Modify designs as you go without expensive and time consuming mold changes
  • Manufacture difficult to impossible parts often not achievable with traditional methods
  • Our prototypes are often used as final production parts, used as a stop-gap solution or sold to the end user