3D Prototype meets Two Dragon’s from the Den

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3D Prototype meets Two Dragon’s from the Den

Had the good fortune this weekend at TIFF to Meet Dragons’ Den David Chilton and Michael Wekerle.

CBC was recording an interview that was open to an intimate group of approx. 70 people at this years TIFF festival. We sat front and center to take in all their great words of advice and perspectives on business, inventors and so much more.

If you’re a fan of the show, David was exactly as you’d expect, casual, genuine and engaging. He seems like the kind of person you would enjoy a couple of hours with, talking about everything from business, finance and inventing through to his interest and just life in general. You’d be laughing a lot, for sure~

This was our first introduction to the newest Dragon Michael Wekerle. He was interesting, fun and really knew his stuff. Very rock-star persona! If you’re looking for a new ‘Kevin’ you won’t find him here. It’s seems that Michael’s personality and take on life will inject some fresh, new life into the Den.

Both were also extremely likable providing valuable insight, leaving you wishing the interview was an hour longer or you could join them for drinks after!

David mentioned this season’s den episodes are likely to focus more on inventions and business with less of the ‘song, dance and props’ that seemed to be very common in the previous season.

The floor was open to questions after the interview, which allow me to ask a question, learn of David and Michael’s keen interest and value placed on 3D printing, and even a little more about patents and invention protection.

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