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Flexible spring mattressWhen 3D Prototype Design first created our 3D printing website, brochure and trade show banners, we actually discovered quickly that we had to avoid using photos as much as possible (if you can believe it)!

In 1996, 3D printing technology was so new that customers literally thought we could only make what we had in our photos. We had many say, “I’m not making a car vent or a dish soap cap, so it doesn’t look like I can use this technology.”

Thankfully today, with a greater awareness of how 3D printing works and what can be created, customers are now more inclined to ask what we can’t make instead of what we can. To the right we have included a handful of the more popular 3D printing and rapid prototyping applications to help open your mind to just a few of the possibilities.

Please contact us if you’d like to find out if 3D printing is the right application for your next project.