Rubber / Flex Plastic Prototype3D Prototype Design specializes in providing 3D printed parts for industrial applications, thanks to our preferred method of utilizing SLS technology and nylon or rubber-like materials.

We have been told on many occasions, that our SLS nylon parts are as close as you can get to injection-molded parts, without the cost, time and commitment often required with traditional manufacturing methods. In fact, after testing, many of our parts are used in real world applications and often as final finished product(see our Short Run Production page).

SLS Models That Are Functional, Durable and Flexible

Nylon PrototypeGiven the dependable nature of nylon material, 3D printed industrial parts are perfect for those applications that need robust and reliable components. Our parts can be tapped, drilled, snap-fit and assembled over and over again.

We can create living hinges, functioning springs, assemblies and components that can be sterilized, have fluids run through them and be pained. 

3D Printed Nylon vs. Injection Molded

Nylon PrototypeDue to the nature of the SLS process, one layer of material is sintered (melted) to the next, creating a solid nylon part that will function extremely closely to an injection-molded part. We tell customers if there’s an issue with our 3D printed industrial parts during testing so that they are able to closely review their CAD design. If an issue with our SLS nylon components arises, it’s very likely to happen with a customer’s final manufactured nylon parts and SLS models.

SLS models from 3D printed industrial parts look great and function extremely well. A good example of this is with injection-molded pieces, however, you will notice a slight difference in the surface finish of the piece. As the injection molding process melts materials into liquid form, then ‘injects’ or shoots it into the molds, it creates a shiny and smooth outer finish whereas the SLS process instead flash melts one layer of powder to the next and as a result, creates a surface finish with a slightly grainy, matte consistency.

If you have questions or wonder if our 3D printed parts will work for your industrial application please contact us or request a quote and we’d be happy to respond quickly.