Short Run ProductionIf you’re looking for 3D printed short run productionquality parts that include strength, function and flexibility, just like injection molded nylon parts, you’ve come to the right place. Our years of experience and on-going research and development directly contribute to the reliability of our quality 3D printed plastic parts. Many of our customers use our SLS 3D printed parts in place of traditional manufactured ones, freeing up capital and providing greater flexibility in how they develop and sell their products.

Quickly Produce Five To Five Thousand

One of the benefits to 3D printing your short run productionis that you have the flexibility to make only what you need. From five to five thousand, this type of SLS model could be the solution for you. As 3D printing doesn’t require expensive molds, the need to manufacture thousands of parts to justify the upfront costs isn’t necessary. The added bonus  no large financial commitment or warehousing of massive, unused inventory!

Modify As You Go

Nylon PrototypeAs mentioned, 3D printing doesn’t use molds, so there’s greater flexibility to modify your short run production parts as you go without the repercussions. Changing a mold is not only expensive but also can add huge time delays. With a 3D printed SLS model, you can create a small batch, test and sell your design, and then quickly modified your CAD drawing in time for your next order.

Multiple Versions At The Same Time

You can easily create many versions of the same design at the same time with the use of 3D printed short run production. By printing multiple versions at once, you can perform and compare various tests to see which works best — all in the same day. In most cases, ordering multiples can save you money, even if each part is slightly different from one to the next.

3D Print The Difficult To The Impossible

Our SLS nylon parts are the perfect solution if you need highly customized parts or if they seem impossible to manufacture. As the SLS model process uses nylon powder to act as its own support structure while building, creating intricate pieces or complex assemblies is rarely a challenge.

Stopgap Solution

Need a stopgap solution for a problem with your existing product or a long-term fix to repair old machinery with obsolete parts? It’s not uncommon for us at any given time to be creating thousands of a temporary parts that are used to retrofit existing products or used as replacement parts for machinery that customers just couldn’t get their hands on any more.

Please contact us if you are interested in learning more, or have questions about using our 3D printed short run production parts for your project.