3D Printed Architectural Models

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Building Architectural Models

Architectural ModelsWith the boom in property and building development over the last few years and the popularity of 3D printing technology becoming more commonplace, we have seen a big increase in requests for the creation of scaled-down architectural models.

It’s now considered a mainstream practice for architects to draft their concepts in some form of 3D software and this is why it’s only a short jump and a few modifications for us to take it their concepts the next level by creating 3D printed models with incredible accuracy. Miniature staircases, corner brick detail, decks, appliances and even furniture to fit each room are easily achievable with a 3D printed architectural model.

Walt Disney Could Have Used 3D Printing

The concept of creating scaled down architectural models of proposed new houses, subdivisions, commercial developments and even full theme parks is not a new one. Walt Disney himself had several impressive models made well before each park he envisioned was constructed. Up until a few years ago, most architectural models were 100% crafted by hand using wood, foam, paper and other material. As you can imagine, this method not only required a skilled model maker but is also quite costly and time consuming. Now with 3D printing technology, that same task can be competed in a fraction of the time for less money and with greater accuracy.

3D Printed Sales Models

We have a great deal of experience in creating 3D architectural models for a variety of home developers and architects. An architectural model is an easy way for you to turn a concept into reality and to get customers excited. Walking into any condo or new subdivision sales office, you’ll immediately notice a detailed model of the proposed buildings and surrounding area featured in the main entrance. Including tiny people, dogs and trees, this type of model is designed to help sell customers on your project. An architectural model allows the sales rep to easily point out where your new balcony will be, what route you can take to walk down to the pool or where the park is for you to walk your dog. It’s the perfect way to visualize and sell any new home or office space.

Using Architectural Models to Catch and Correct Errors

Architects can now quickly produce models to prove out ideas, convey thoughts, verify concepts and catch costly errors before the ground is even broken. Architectural models of buildings and homes can be 3D printed in sections or layer by layer. Exterior details such as landscaping, decks and other structures can easily be created well before being built. These models can be treated just like traditional prototypes, allowing them to be tested, explored and sold well before final construction.

If you’re interested in creating an architectural model for your next project, please contact us today to find out how we can help turn your vision into a reality.