3D Printed Functional Prototypes

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As Close As You Can Get To Injection Molding

Our company mission hasn’t changed from day one — to supply our customers with excellent quality, value and the most functional prototypes that 3D printing has to offer. Not only have we upheld this company mantra, we’ve also become well known as the experts to count on when outstanding SLS nylon components are needed. Our SLS models are as close as you can get to injection molding without the time and expense associated with tooling and molds.

Stop Compromising

Nylon PrototypeYou don’t have to settle for fragile 3D printed parts when there is a better option. With our years of experience with SLS technology, you’ll not only receive accurate and detailed parts, but also components you can tap, drill, snap-sit and run fluids through. We can also build living hinges and functioning springs.

As the selective laser sintering process doesn’t have to factor in a separate support structure system (like so many other 3D printing methods), we can often build what would be considered the impossible to create with CNC machining or other traditional manufacturing methods. We don’t even give a second thought to components like assemblies, linked chains, spring-loaded or parts with undercuts.

What Haven’t We Done?

Nylon 3D PrintingOur functional prototypes have had gallons of water and various fluids run through them, have been bolted down, dragged behind submarines; flown in the air, thrown across fields, attached to boats, tested on cars, sterilized, painted, drilled, machined and used as medical tools.

We’ve created full bicycle frames, ski goggles, light fixtures, scientific lab tools, toys, game pieces, machine fittings, replacement components, body parts, promotional give-a-ways, tiny cities and countless housings. If you can imagine it, we’ve probably printed it.

If you’re looking for the best of all worlds from your 3D printed parts, give us a chance to earn your business by contacting us or requesting a quote and select SLS nylon material.