Invention 3D Printing

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Invention 3D printing - Moon Shades no dragons denIf you’re working on a new invention, concept or improvement to an existing idea, then looking for invention 3D printing help is likely high on your list of to-do’s. Over the years we’ve built many 3D printed inventions that did incredibly well for themselves and many you may have seen or owned yourself.

When Mac Foy wasn’t able to find a window covering option for his home, he invented and designed a new solution by creating The Moonshade Blind. For Mac, invention 3D printing was an ideal option as it not only allowed him to test out his design first, but also gave him the perfect presentation edge when he pitched and landed a deal on the popular TV series, Dragons’ Den!

Before You Prototype

As you can imagine, inventors exploring the option of 3D printing and their ideas contact us every day to see if we can help. Over the years we have witnessed many inventors unnecessarily placing their inventions at risk by prototyping too early or too late in the process.

For these reasons and more, we spent over five years pulling together all of our expertise and experience, as well as recruiting many other professionals, to create an inventor’s help package so that people can get further ahead with their idea by prototyping at the right time. Unfortunately, bad timing cannot only cost you the success of your invention, but can also put a strain on your personal finances.

Chances are if you’re reading this, then you are exploring 3D printing for your invention. We invite you to download our free eBook, 5 Proven Ways To Set Your Invention Up For Success. Be sure to pay close attention to chapter 3, Prototyping — When and Why as well as our inventor’s help program.

Invention Prototyping Benefits

In addition to the great satisfaction you get when you see your idea come to life prototyping will allow you to:

  • test, learn and modify your idea before patenting
  • gain feedback from potential investors and customers early in the development process
  • conduct consumer and market research
  • use it as a sales tool
  • create small batches or short runs to sell before committing to expensive molds and inventory
  • and so much more!

If you’re looking to 3D print your invention or would like invention help, get in touch with us today.