Are You Using the Correct Terminology?

//Are You Using the Correct Terminology?

Are You Using the Correct Terminology?

People often mistakenly use the term SLA (Stereolithography) when they are actually talking about rapid prototyping. While this isn’t the biggest issue (it’s similar to referring to a general product by a brand name, instead) it can create confusion with printing companies who are trying to give you a quote.

SLA is one type of Rapid Printing process, and it uses a unique process and special materials that differ from other methods. If you actually need a nylon 3D prototype, but you ask for SLA, you most likely won’t be able to get what you are looking for.

3D printing is another term that is commonly misused, and, similarly to SLA, it describes a specific type of Rapid Prototype. By being aware of the different terms and processes available, you can better request the parts that you need and avoid any problems that may arise from mistakenly ordering a piece from the wrong process.

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