Canadian Abenaki Artist & 3D Printing House create together

//Canadian Abenaki Artist & 3D Printing House create together

Canadian Abenaki Artist & 3D Printing House create together

Working in 3d printing since 1996 has allowed us to create some unique pieces and work with interesting people over the years, including the pleasure of teaming up with celebrated Canadian Abenaki artist, Carmen Hathaway. Carmen originally connected with us to share some of her visions and superb quality 3d CAD files. Now we want to share it with you!

(photography by: Mylène Trudeau, 3d printing by 3D Prototype Design)

For those who missed the well received ‘From Smoke To Cyber Signals’ 2017 fall exhibit in Montreal, you now have the opportunity to view Carmen’s work (as well as other Canadian artists) at the Glendon Gallery on the York University Campus until January 26, 2018.

When I emailed Carmen asking if we could feature her art and the exhibit in a blog post, I also mentioned how she was the only artist we’ve been able to 3d print for (to date) as her files were of a high quality and her vision was strong. In return, she complimented us by saying “I had to sort through a whole whack of OMGs before I found you. Your interviews/video spoke to me of someone who ‘gets it’ — thoroughly professional.”

Thank you Carmen, we made a great team!



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