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The genius is in the simplicity of Clip19

Clip19 face shields makes quick work of creating lightweight and comfortable PPE protection.

‘Clip19’ Original utilizes a pair of SLS 3d printed clips for eye glasses and easily slips onto most existing eyeglasses (prescription, sunglasses or glasses with lenses removed, industrial protective eye wear and more).

‘Clip19 Sport’ is exclusively designed for hats or caps with brims such as most baseball or golf hats and easily attaches with only 2 clips also SLS 3d printed.

With two quick snaps to affix the plastic shield into place, it’s ready to go! It’s ideal to dedicate one pair of glasses or hat to your Clip19 or Clip19 Sport, for ready to go use and to extend the life of the PVC face shield.

Unfortunately for all of us, wearing PPE is no longer just about taking the first thing you can get your hands on to get by, but finding something good that you’ll actually wear to protect you. We deserve comfort, protection and something fashionable since we have to do this, right?

Why Clip19 is better than other options

Clip19 Face Shields offer the following benefits BECAUSE it specifically works with eye wear or hats:

• wear all day comfort, lightweight (20g/.7oz), for most ages too!
• no elastics, strings, straps or pressure on head to cause fatigue or pain
• minimal fogging due to unique design • quick assembly covers eyes, nose and mouth
• fits most prescription, sunglasses/readers/3d glasses (remove lenses if necessary)• fits most caps with brims
• re-usable and simple to clean (windex, glass cleaner, rubbing alcohol)
• approachable, easy to communicate though
• adds a simple, stylish barrier (excellent for retail, fast food or customer service settings)
• proudly made in new hamburg, ontario canada

Customer Feedback

We’ve had many customers tell us why they like Clip19 versus other options such as doesn’t hurt their head or forehead, can breath easier, can wear it all day while protecting themselves, and as a bonus… it looks nice!

Why we invented Clip19

In response to the Covid-19 outbreak, all industries but more specifically 3d printing companies, were being called upon to use their expertise and capabilities to find solutions and viable options to help with the crisis of PPE items and FAST! As 3D Prototype Design Inc. has an expansive knowledge of 3d printing, design, innovation, molds and manufacturing, our team has developed an effective solution that maximizes 3d printing’s efficiencies, while speeding up timing and getting PPE into the hands and faces of those who need it most!

Watch How To Assemble Clip19 Now

Clip19 makes quick work of creating lightweight face shields with your glasses.

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