Covid-19 Face Shield, Our 3d Printed Clip19

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Covid-19 Face Shield, Our 3d Printed Clip19

In light of the recent Covid-19 outbreak, all industries but more specifically 3d printing companies are being called upon to use their expertise and capabilities to find solutions and viable options to help with the crisis of PPE items and FAST. As we have an expansive knowledge of 3d printing, design, molds and manufacturing, we’ve decided to develop a solution beyond what we have seen in our community offering, which better utilizes the technology and exponentially speeding up timing. We developed all this in days versus months! Idea, design, prototypes, sourcing, lining up suppliers, testing, physician and medial staff using and feedback, logo, webpage and a plan to roll out as quickly as possible.

clip19 face shield 3d printed

How Fast And How Many

500 face shields per week (sets of clips): As we are still an operation business supplying existing Canadian based companies and customers with much needed 3d printed parts (including many crucial industries requiring our services), we can unfortunately only commit a portion our resources to this initiative.

6,000-10,000 face shields per week (sets of clips): With just one an additional SLS 3d printer (dependent on model of printer acquired), dedicated strictly to the initiative, we can increase output with the ability to drop-ship quantities every 2-3 days to keep a constant flow of PPE going out across Canada.

‘Clip19’ Face Shield

Clip19 incorporates two small SLS 3d printed components that attached to any existing pair of eyeglasses (prescription, sunglasses or 3d glasses with lenses removed, industrial protective eye wear/goggles, etc.)

Clips for Clip19 face shields

Our 3D Printed Parts and Design– Benefits For This Purpose

  1. Extremely chemical resistant and can be sterilized (however we are still researching the methods and effectiveness.) It is our hope that Clip19 can be re-used to not only keep up with demand but also be mindful to landfill and the environment.
  2. Non-smooth surface – While we don’t have documentation or testing for our parts, it has been pointed out by a representative of a medical packaging company in Canada, that due to the fact that our 3d printed parts have a slightly grainy surface texture, they could actually have a more desirable surface for this application (vs. injections molded) as Covid-19 is spread through fomite transmission, smooth surfaces.
  3. Small components ‑ uses less material to produce than more mainstream solutions, making it faster to produce, more cost effective and in turn requires less space for shipping, storage and eventually landfill.
  4. Face Shield in the hands of Canadians ASAP! Due to the geometry of our idea, the 3d printing process we use, the minimal assembly requirements or components, we feel that we can be producing ASAP and people can have them quickly. We can do small batches and shipments starting immediately.

In Summary

Working together we can quickly help supply much in demand PPE to those in need. We can offer a great product, not just a temporary, makeshift solution. We also believe our face shields could easily become a preferred standard item now and in future once we are past the Covid-19 crisis.







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