Creating More Lifelike Models

//Creating More Lifelike Models

Creating More Lifelike Models

In our last blog, we explained the technology used to create a basic 3D model or prototype. Taking that technology a step further allows for products to be printed in different colors with different levels of flexibility and resemblance to real life.

Instead of laying down one type of resin in each layer, some 3D printers are programmed to lay multiple materials at the same time. These composite materials allow printers to create models that are different colors, some incredibly flexible and some simply slightly more flexible, with the option of making models look more lifelike. For example, medical models can benefit from printing the bone structure inside of a torso in a different material than the rest of the model.

Since the two materials are printed together, there aren’t seams or assembly required for these models either. While this custom 3D printing technology is revolutionary, it is still very new, meaning not every 3D prototype printing service has it and printing more than one material can still be very expensive.


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