Different Colored Nylon Color Options

//Different Colored Nylon Color Options

Different Colored Nylon Color Options

Instead of ordering plain white nylon material prototypes, you have the option of ordering colored nylon and choosing a variety of assorted colors to brighten up your model. There are several colors available, including blue, green, black, red and orange, and they can be combined in one model to create incredibly realistic prototypes.

The colored nylon yields the same production-like quality that non-colored nylon does, but can add a pop of professionalism in many situations. For instance, at shows, color makes 3D prototypes look impressive. These models tend to be more eye-catching than many of the other prototypes in the booths around yours. You will generate more business and catch more potential customers than if you use colorless nylon for your models.

Colors can make your prototype look more realistic, but if we don’t offer the color you need, you can easily use paint to add the color later on. The paint will not damage the prototype, and it bonds well with the material.

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