How are 3D Prototypes in Nylon cheaper?

//How are 3D Prototypes in Nylon cheaper?

How are 3D Prototypes in Nylon cheaper?

The main reason that we are able to offer high quality rapid prototypes at such great prices lies in the process we use to create our models. The machines and processes used to create your order are able to directly print your prototypes from the CAD file you provide in durable, flexible nylon material or flex plastic. Compared to other processes that first have to manufacture a rubber mold that is then injected with material, the 3D printing processes such as those used at 3D Prototypes are considerably more economical.

In addition to being cheaper though, these processes also help to cut down the time required to print your order. Almost half of the manufacturing steps are eliminated by using 3D printers, meaning you get your order in less time, for less money without sacrificing quality or durability.

All of the processes and machines are in-house, allowing us to create nylon and flex plastic prototypes and deliver them in as little as 24 hours after you order them.

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