Interchangeable Shoe Heels and 3D Printing

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Interchangeable Shoe Heels and 3D Printing

3D Printing Perfect for Interchangeable Shoe Heel Innovation

While visiting a unique Toronto women’s shoe store where the heels are interchangeable (yes, the heels can be changed), it occurred to me how fantastic our 3d printing in nylon would have been in this development process as our 3d printed heels could actually be used like the real deal.

interchangeable shoe heels 3d printing

Canadian inventor, Tanya Heath developed an amazing women’s shoe innovation that includes a quick ‘click’ release button in the sole, easily allowing the heels unlock and slide out. Then just as easily, a different colour, style or height can slide and lock back into place. This idea is great for women who like the idea of a low heel for day time and a higher one for drinks after work. Perfect for traveling, a quick change for a different outfit, or maybe one heel for a walk and another once arriving. Easily carried in a purse or small bag. Excellent for brides, prom, the working girl or anyone who has to spend a fair amount of time on their feet and not wanting to compromise on fashion.

interchangeable heels bridal shoes

The engineering of the shoe and heel mechanism is quite cleaver. After 3-1/2 years and over 20 engineers, shoe designers and shoe technicians, they actually achieved their goal and brought about a comfortable, stylish and super practical shoe.

While holding and assessing the shoe and heel, I could see how well the heel would actually hold up utilizing a male/female click fit concept. Maybe not by coincidence, but the heels are all named after men (the male component by engineering design) and the shoe portion named after women (the female component of the design).

Our 3d printing of parts in nylon is an excellent example on how testing for fit and function with each iteration could have easily be done during this process. They could have even been wrapped in leather, painted and even had a sole tapped onto the bottom. AND they could have walked on them too!

Check out some of Tanya Heath’s collection.

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