Invention Help — Don’t 3D Print (yet)

If you don’t have a 3D CAD drawing (or don’t know what a CAD drawing even is), awesome — we’ve just saved you time and money! And if you haven’t downloaded our free eBook yet, do that right now too and we will have just saved you MORE time and money!

​If you do have a 3D CAD drawing, stop and learn more before you move forward or do one more thing!

​3D Printing Inventions — there’s a right and wrong time

​If being an industry leader in 3d printing since 1996 and speaking with countless inventors thought out the years has taught us anything — it would be how incredibly rare it is that someone within an invention idea contacting us is ready for it. In fact, we do all we can to discourage them from spending any money on 3d printing until they’ve done the other things they need to do first that are actually FREE! That’s why we made this program.

​So many inventors after receiving their 3d printing quote respond with ‘thanks, I’ll be in touch when I save a bit of money’. Here’s the thing, 3d printing will be one of the lowest expenses of your invention development AND is not one of the early steps an inventor should be focusing on.

​Having said that it only makes sense to do the other steps first, stretching your budget before moving onto this stage.

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