Tim DeutschmannTim Deutschmann, president and founder of the first 3D printing bureau in Canada, has personally worked on, and produced prototypes for well over an astounding 20,000 projects. With an extensive background in mechanical design, pattern making, consulting, foundry and mold design, Tim has played an integral role by helping countless innovators bring their idea from concept into physical reality.

To his credit, Tim has worked on projects such as RIM’s Blackberry during its initial launch, countless household, recreational and industrial projects all with the same goal — to design and develop ideas for patent or product launch. In addition, Tim also works on his own personal projects, including a revolutionary newly patented form of manufacturing technology.

Annette KalbhennAnnette Kalbhenn holds over a decade of experience within the 3D printing industry and is no stranger to innovation either. With a background so diverse including all facets of marketing and advertising, large consumer promotions, consulting, graphic design, as well as the sourcing of what may seem to be the impossible to find, Annette’s skills set has helped with the launch of many new and existing products, including a few of her own.

Annette has not only presented and been offered coveted airtime with The Shopping Channel for her products, she also created an award-winning consumer promotion that now is considered to be an industry wide standard. Annette focuses the majority of her time speaking with those who have an idea and are looking to her for expertise and guidance.

​In addition to sharing Annette and Tim’s years of invention development experience, industry leaders and experts in their respective fields were recruited, contributing factual information to help inventors avoid paying for private consultation sessions. This not only allows inventors to receive the unbiased facts they need, it also removes the pressure of being offered additional services by those same professionals.

Tim and Annette created the Inventor’s Action Program to help people just like you, get closer to your goals and dreams of invention success with greater ease and hope to be a part of yours.

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