Q. What is the Inventor’s Action Program?

A. It’s a how-to program that provides valuable information and the necessary steps that every inventor needs to know, in order to help save time, money and achieve their goals. Our ‘do-it-yourself’ approach guides you through the steps to take and save money while making better educated decisions when taking your invention from an idea to store shelf. And the bonus is, you never share your idea with us so all information you receive is unbiased, reliable and applicable no matter what country you are from.

Q. Can I submit my invention to your company to see if it’s a good idea?

A. We actually don’t offer that service. It’s our belief that offering to assess your invention can be considered self-serving to the company providing it, as they often stand to make money by selling additional services if you decide to move forward (regardless of the quality of your idea, or its potential). We also don’t feel that anyone can say with certainty, what is a good idea or bad idea.

Q. Are you an invention submission company that gets paid to patent and execute my idea?

A. No. In fact, we may be considered the opposite, as we instead educate, inform and enlighten inventors with what they need to know, in order to make well-informed decisions for themselves. We don’t sell any services. Our goal is to provide inventors with the information they need in order to do as much as possible on their own AND save a ton of money — not spend it!

Q. I want to sell or license my idea; would this program still be useful?

A. Even if you don’t want to manufacture and sell your invention on your own, you still need to do almost all, if not all the same steps and understand everything in the same way. Selling your idea as a business to one company will be even harder than selling one of your inventions to one customer. So you need to know your stuff.

Q. Why is the program supplied mostly in a printed format instead of digital?

A. Good question. After working with our patent lawyer during the creation of our program, it was brought to our attention that while inventors are learning and exploring the potential of their invention through the Inventor’s Action Program in the print format using permanent ink, they are documenting and recording their findings. This can be useful should they apply for a patent later or be in a position where they would need to provide a history of all work. Also referred to as an Inventor’s Notebook or Invention Record, this type of journal must be in a physical format. In addition to legal benefits, we have found having one place to keep all work, signed NDA agreements and other notes, better help to keep inventors organized and on track.

Q. I have already started the patenting process; can I still use this program?

A. Yes! A patent is just one step of the process. Having a patent doesn’t mean that your invention is going to automatically succeed. Work is still required on your part. If you’ve made a commitment with a patent, now you really have to get going, as a timer has been started. Many inventors have been surprised to learn relevant patent details from our program that affected their perspective on patents.

Q. What is your policy on privacy and any information I may provide you with?

A. As we will never know what your invention is, when we refer to ‘information’, it is in reference to your contact and payment information only. That information will only be used to communicate directly with you, process and ship your order and update you on new products and services we offer.  All payment information is processed through PayPal, a reliable and secure way to pay for your purchase. As confidentiality and security is a priority for us and should be to you, your information will never be shared or sold to any third party.

Q. I’m in Canada, you’re in Canada, why is the program sold in USD?

A. Unfortunately that’s the way our payment gateway requires it. If you are from Canada, you will see at the end of the checkout process your dollar amount will change into the Canadian equivalent of the United States dollar sell price.

Q. What is your return policy?

A. As we have made the Inventor’s Action Program available to you at the lowest price possible so you can make your invention dreams happen, please note your purchase is considered a FINAL SALE and cannot be returned. We work hard to ensure that we always get your order right the first time. If you are having issues with shipping or missing elements, please email us at cs@inventorsactionprogram.com. After all, we created this program to help inventors, so we want to make sure you’re  looked after!

Q. What forms of payment do you accept and how is it processed?

A. We use PayPal as a reliable and trusted source for payment. Transactions of your credit card statement may show PayPal or 3D Prototype Design Inc as the business name. You do not need a PayPal account to make payment with any major credit card.

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