Chances are if you have a good invention idea, you’ll never forgive yourself if you don’t see it all the way through, or worse, find it on a store shelf because someone else did before you did. With the Inventor’s Action Program, you’ll have the information and tools needed to fully explore and develop your invention while saving money as you go.


$225.00 CAD

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Inventors Package

The Full Inventor’s Action Program Includes:

  • All 10 volumes of the Inventor’s Action Program, easy to follow, interactive format with room to record and track your actions)High quality, embroidered business/laptop satchel with metal hardware
  • Bonus USB key, including PDF digital formats of:Customizable Non-Disclosure Agreement
  • Profit Calculator: calculate Mark Up, Gross Profit, Gross Profit Margin, Net Profit and Net Profit Margins
  • Workbook Templates
  • Research Findings Questionnaire
  • Forms to record information, make calculations and printouts
  • Customized, durable, D-ring binder to hold program contents
  • Pen and highlighter
  • Coloured sticky tabs to mark pages

Be sure to watch our video to see what you will be receiving in your package!

​On average with the use of our program, customers have saved $3,500* just in legal consultation fees and NDA alone!

* Patent and legal protection of intellectual property info value of $1,575 based on inventor obtaining information direct from sr. partner patent attorney/3-hour consultation session @ $525/per hour (rates may vary). NDA agreement, value $1,200 based on consulting patent lawyer’s standard fee. Partnership questionnaire, value $750 based on legal fees for 2 hour session @ $375/hour (rates may vary). Inventors/partners can use the program outline in order discuss and agree to details prior to meeting with and paying for legal time (rates may vary). Patent process costs vary and are dependent on the invention; action selected by the inventor, specific requirements and needs of the invention, filing fees, attorney legal fees, patent maintenance fees