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TableMate inventor shares his advice

“I invented the As Seen On TV and successful “Table-Mate” product in early the 1990‘s… that’s still going strong today.

If I had access to the Inventor’s Action Program (IAP) at the early stages of my product development, I believe I would have made quicker, more informed decisions towards my invention and its success.

The IAP is an easy to follow program, covering a myriad of topics.  It walks you through the process so th…

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Rockit — Dragon’s Den Pitch

“The Inventors Action Program is an absolute must have for any innovative person that wants to be successful with their product/business!

Inventors are often overwhelmed with things to do — including myself. I didn’t initially have a clue as to what to do. If I had this package in initial stages of my success, I would have saved lots of money, gathered better information, and would have known what steps to take and when to take…

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Dragon’s Den Deal — Moon Shade Blinds

“Below is a short and long testimonial you are welcome to use for your program.

‘Long Version:
I’ve been down the long winding road of starting an invention-based business. I had moderate success, so much so that I started and ran the business for 4 years, made a deal on Dragon’s Den, and sold the company to an investor. Unfortunately, I had to learn every step of the way and made a huge number of mistakes, both strategic…

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Should be every inventor’s first reference

Patent Lawyer’s Testimonial

“I receive many inquiries from first-time inventors about what to do with a great idea and how to protect it, but they have often not given any thought to how to critically look at the idea and its commercial prospects. This program is exactly what they need, and provides crucial information on both legal and business considerations, that is concise and easy to understand. This program should be ever…

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Well written, professional and very educational

“I want you to know that I am very impressed with the package.  It is well written, professional and very educational.  It will be a useful tool for me!

Thank you, I am so glad I came across your product!

I will be contacting you in the near future to discuss prototypes.”

— Patricia Naughton

Ready to go on my invention

“I’ve had an idea that I’ve been thinking about for a few years now, but didn’t know where to begin and didn’t have a ton of money (which I thought I needed to even get started!) When I came across your site, I decided to finally pulled the trigger over the holidays and ordered your program. The package looks good – I’m excited to get going on it!” — Becki Cowan

I’ve already saved!

“I’m so glad I decided to buy it! I’ve been working on an idea for an invention for a while now and I know that I’ve already saved easily five times as much as I paid for it (and I’m only starting the program). Thanks for taking the time to put together all the things I needed to know that other ‘invention help companies’ wanted to charge me thousands of dollars for!” — Melissa Hayes

This was so worth it

“I wanted to let you know that at first I was somewhat apprehensive to buy this program and actually went back to the site many times as I was contemplating if this was the right choice for me. OMG! I can’t believe what steps I didn’t even think of and how much information I was given. Now I can see that this was so worth it.”— Nima Singh

I had wasted money in so many areas

“Before I got your program I thought I was doing pretty good figuring out my next steps and what to do with my invention. I was wrong. I had wasted money in so many areas and hadn’t even gotten that far yet. I wish I had bought your program before I started the patenting process. At least now I have a better idea what to do next since it didn’t take long to figure out a patent (or applying for one) is ONLY the beginning.” — Reyna Ng

Looking to see what kind of scam

“I had an idea for an invention so I visited a bunch of sites that said they help people with their inventions. I quickly found out some wanted me to pay them to give my invention a product review. The reason they said were charging a fee was to see if people were serious about their idea, (which I still can’t believe!) Others tried to convince me to buy their expensive services (or help) before they barely knew enough about my idea. I just couldn’t understand why I should trust the word of these companies that only stood to benefit from saying my invention is a good idea so they could sell me other stuff.

When I went to your website I was looking to see what kind of scam you guys were trying to pass off as help. What gives? You guys actually do sell invention help.

Anyway, I got your program and you didn’t try to sell me anything else. Now I am going through the workbooks, which are easy enough to follow, filling out the information and seeing for myself what I want to do next.

All I can say is this, since I’ve gotten the Inventor’s Action Program there’s one less sucker out there to be taken advantage of.” — Joram Sullender

Tired of spinning my wheels with my idea

“Tired of spinning my wheels with my idea and getting nowhere. Lookin for free advice on social media got me a handful of crazies, others trying to sell me their services and some ideas that were pretty useless. Searching the net had me all over the place and just burned up a lot of time that I could have been using to ACTUALLY work on my idea. Happy I bought your program. Gaining some ground now so I can finally see if I can actually make this thing happen. Should’ve done this months ago.” — Steve Brennan