LinkedIn question: “Help, I am developing a jet pack style flying suit using at least 8 patentable ideas including a more efficient higher power to weight ratio engine. I need to convert data to digital. I am doing the designs of each part on paper and I don’t want to spend hundreds to convert this to digital for machine shops to build my components. I have tried using Autodesk but I don’t need to spend a couple of years learning it. Is there a way to cheaply convert designs to digital? Once I have a prototype engine I have a couple of angel investment companies I plan to present to to commercialize my product.”

Response: “Before you make any decisions, have you performed a breakdown on what your projected costs will be in stages? I only ask as I have been in the prototyping business for years and I know that your CAD costs are just the beginning of the invention development process. I’m assuming you are interested in prototypes made out of a hard substance vs. fabric which would require CNC machining or rapid prototyping/3d printing. Perhaps prototyping is not something to consider at this time. Hundreds of dollars will not even scratch the surface based on the minimal info I have as you can’t convert a 2D paper drawing into a 3D CAD file without some CAD design. I would like to suggest that maybe there is other work you could focus on before spending money on this stage. I’ve attached a few links in case you are interested in learning more about the invention process and ways to save money.

Manufacturing and Pricing:

Money and Financing:

Best of luck with your invention”