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Flex Plastic offers our customers excellent durability and rubber-like characteristics in a prototype unlike any other material or process available in the rapid prototyping industry. Our flexible 3D prototype services and printing present you with more options for creating the flexible prototypes that meet some very specific needs. Rubber like prototypes are called for when flexibility is the key feature that makes your project realistic.

Flex Plastic

Flex Plastic

Flex Plastic


  • Rubber-like flexibility and functionality
  • Durable and tear-resistant
  • Resists harsh environments
  • Good long-term stability
  • Seals fluid-tight, even under pressure
  • Excellent surface finish and feature detail


  • Rapidly produce parts with the look and feel of rubber and thermoplastic elastomers
  • Eliminate the time and cost of casting, machining or other secondary processes
  • Address broad applications requiring rubber-like flexibility and durability
  • Address end-use applications requiring long-term stability
  • Minimal finishing required

There are many benefits to using a 3D rubber prototype, including not only the functionality of your prototype, but also the durability that it provides. You can save time and money when you take advantage of our services by reducing the costs of processing that would normally be invested in other types of prototypes and you will save time as well.


  • Functional prototypes and end-use parts that require rubber-like flexibility, resistance to heat and chemicals, and long-term stability.

Advantages of our flexible 3D prototype services and printing include the ability to use our process to make a 3D rubber prototype as well as using a wide range of other materials. While the end result of the rubber like prototypes is a quality, durable product, the 3D process is a fairly inexpensive process to use. When you need parts with fine details, this is the best process. When you need a prototype that will resist heat, chemicals, or other liquids, the rubber like material is the ideal choice for resistance and ongoing performance that you can rely on.

It’s a competitive world out there and you need every advantage you can get to make your project look more believable and make it as functional as it needs to be. When you see the features of our 3D rubber prototype, it’s easy to see why this is such a good choice for some prototypes. Request a quote and we can get to work on your prototype and give you the fast turnover time you need.