As you have already heard from us, 3D prototypes are more realistic than on-screen previews, incredibly durable, and realistic enough to actually test, but there are a few benefits we haven’t discussed yet:

  • Being able to come up with a design, rapidly print a prototype and field test it with target groups or pitch it to executives helps to increase innovation. If one idea doesn’t work, you’ve only lost a day or two, instead of weeks and hundreds of dollars on an order. Being able to order non-permanent prototypes increases the innovation cycle by speeding up the trial and error process.
  • Prototypes can help cut down the actual testing phase, allowing you to get your product or part to market much faster.
  • Communication is improved between all people involved in creating a part or model, since it’s hard to misunderstand an exact representation of an idea.
  • Development costs are reduced significantly, since design flaws can be identified and changed at a much cheaper stage of the production process.