Not All 3D Prototype Companies Are Equal

//Not All 3D Prototype Companies Are Equal

Not All 3D Prototype Companies Are Equal

When searching for a 3D Prototype company, it may be tempting to choose the cheapest company possible. Each runs on the same basic principle of creating prototypes, one layer at a time — right?

While this may be true, all prototype companies are not equal. Many companies use cheaper material and less reliable processes for creating their models, yielding products that are more liable to break quickly.

When choosing a company, it is important to find one that has reasonable prices, focuses on strong, durable building material, and offers speed of production and delivery that fits your schedule. Several categories to consider, when comparing, are whether the rapid prototyping processes that you are comparing are the same (i.e. SLS), whether the parts are built at the same layer thickness, whether the quotes are in the same currency, what material is being quoted and how much shipping costs.

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