Other Uses of CAD

//Other Uses of CAD

Other Uses of CAD

Computer-aided design programs (CAD) can be used for more than creating designs that can be read and produced by 3D prototype printer machines. Whether it is used in tandem with other programs or alone, its uses are numerous and varied.

When paired with other Digital Product Development tools such as Computer-aided engineering (CAE), photo realistic rendering and Computer-aided manufacturing (CAM), CAD can be used for a range of computer design tasks. These tasks include creating accurate photo simulations, which are a key part of preparing environmental impact reports. These reports help to combine proposed buildings with the current skyline to demonstrate potential view obstructions and more.

Engineers have found many uses for CAD as well, such as examining models for proposed projects and foreseeing problems for items that can’t logically be printed as a 3D prototype. Tools within the CAD system allow engineers to test different features of a project, including yield strength and tensile strength.

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