Personalize 3D Printing

//Personalize 3D Printing

Personalize 3D Printing

In our last blog, we discussed a new 3D printing technology innovation, the 3Doodler pen, which allows you to create 3-dimensional drawings and models. If your model needs to be a little more solid though, a 3D prototype is in order. Even if your prototype needs to be created by a larger machine, you don’t have to sacrifice the personalized touches that a 3D pen allows.

When you order 3D prototypes, you are able to choose the material you want your prototype printed with, thus selecting your object’s flexibility and color. You can also choose to have it come with separate parts that fit together with snap-fit assembly or living hinges and rubber like components. Your product can be an accurate, to-scale model, a prototype for a final part or even a work of art, and the materials are strong enough to be rigorously tested.

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