Prototypes Aren’t Just For Show

//Prototypes Aren’t Just For Show

Prototypes Aren’t Just For Show

A common misconception about 3D prototypes is that they are just for show, and you need to wait to test the part until you can use a material that is more durable.

3D prototypes aren’t just made from cheap, easily broken plastic, however. They are made from a type of nylon material that is durable and difficult to break. This means that not only can you show prospective clients and your fellow workers what the part or product will look like, they can also pass it around and even test it.

In fact, being able to test the prototype is one of the best qualities about ordering it, because this step enables you to find any fatal flaws in the design before ordering the final parts. If need arises, you can even use the prototype as a stand in part for the final one while you wait for it to arrive. The prototype won’t last as long, but it will certainly get the job done in the meantime without breaking.

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