Robert Herjavec 3 Tips for Inventors

//Robert Herjavec 3 Tips for Inventors

Robert Herjavec 3 Tips for Inventors

Robert’s Top 3 Tips for Inventors

If you’re looking to 3D print your invention, then your likely familiar with Robert Herjavec, from the Shark Tank and as a former Dragon on Dragons’ Den. Robert’s Canadian roots really show through with his honest approach to people, business and advice for those just starting. Although it was hard to pick, here’s our top 3 Tips for Inventors that Robert has shared.
1. Accept your status as a novice
If you’re uncomfortable, you know you’re doing something right. Don’t beat yourself up, and don’t let your pride get in the way. Learn as much as you can before you start and during your challenge. Remove as much of the unknown as you can and you’ll eliminate an equal amount of the fear in making a decision.
2. Test before you jump in
Don’t ask your mom, your wife, your friends, your barber what they think — those are opinions (and often biased one’s at that!). Test the idea with the only people who really matter: the ones who are going to cut you a cheque for it. Call on some potential clients and see if they will buy whatever it is you’re selling.
3. Define the worst-case scenario
What is the worst that can happen if your decision doesn’t lead to success? How long will it take you to recover?


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