Scaled down models

//Scaled down models

Scaled down models

Our 3D Rapid Prototyping process works off of a three-dimensional CAD (Computer Aided design) file in order to correctly render and produce our prototypes, which means that if a fairly large prototype design is scaled down correctly using the right ratios, we have the potential to realize a much larger model on very small scale.

For instance, in order to reduce costs, it might be more feasible to render large parts on a smaller-than-actual-size scale. Because the process of creating a working prototype is a very precise science, exact scaling measurements could be made in order to ensure that every aspect of the design adheres to the same ratio.

When a large design can be turned into a more manageable model, it can become easier to spot design flaws or create a better production strategy since the prototype won’t be inhibited by its size. In some cases, full stage or architectural designs can be scaled down to manageable models ideal for presentations, sales pitches and tradeshows.

Medical Model


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