One of the main technologies used in our rapid prototype machines is selective laser sintering, or SLS. While there are many 3D printing methods that are currently available, SLS is the one that 3D Prototype prefers, and here’s why.

  • SLS offers products that are closest to the original model, making it a slightly more precise method than the others that are available.
  • The SLS process uses a CO2 laser in order to fuse powdered materials, which means less energy is used.
  • This method also prints at 0.004″, which allows for the best resolution available in final products. This means models are more accurate, and greater detail and precision are possible in creating models and prototypes.
  • During the process, the file is sliced into thin layers, and the co2 laser begins with the bottom layer, spreading power over the completed layer. Thus melting then fusing it to the layers below over and over again until the project is complete.