Many people commonly use the term SLA (Sterolithography) in place of the broad term 3D Printing/3D Printed. For example, “I need to have an SLA part made in nylon”, when what they really need is ‘a 3d printed part made in nylon’. (which would be produced with the SLS process, not SLA).

SLA is a proper name for one of the 3d printing processes available (comparable example: referring to facial tissue as ‘Kleenex’ and not facial tissue). SLA uses its own set of resin-based materials and is cured with UV light. This process provides parts that differ from other 3d printing methods and may not give you what you need.

By understanding the difference in terminology, it can help you to get the expected quality and material for your 3d printed parts, as well as help you to more effectively compare quotes. If you’re unsure as to what process would be best for your needs and material requirements, a reputable service provider can help… like us!