The Next Frontier in 3D Prototyping

//The Next Frontier in 3D Prototyping

The Next Frontier in 3D Prototyping

While 3D printing technology has been improved, beyond what was initially imagined, there is still room for improvement. The prototypes that are being printed are strong, flexible, durable and intricate, but they are still printed at a speed that is relatively slow. While parts can be created that are durable enough to be used as final parts, instead of initial prototypes, 3D printers must be able to print faster, in order to make mass production of parts more plausible.

Currently, machines are available with multiple print heads or extruder heads, which allows for faster printing and lower energy costs, but often these printers are limited to two heads, and mass production is still out of reach. CartesiolDMP opened a printer with four extruders that was capable of printing four identical parts at once, in October 2012, but the technology has yet to spread.

We, here at 3D Prototype, are dedicated to speed, and make it our highest goal to provide you with high quality parts in as little time as possible. As 3D printing technology continues to adapt, we plan to be at the forefront of the developments, to provide you with more parts even faster.

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