While there aren’t many things that you need to provide in order for us to create a perfect 3D prototype for you, there are some very specific things that we need. Here is a short checklist to follow when preparing your 3D prototyping order:

  • Regardless of whether you are ordering a modification for a project we have already printed once or you are ordering an entirely new prototype, you need to provide a 3D CAD file with your design in order to receive a quote. The file must be in this format because the 3D printers need a specific kind of mathematical data to be able to exactly duplicate your design.
  • The file must usually be an STL file, but IGES and STEP extensions will also be accepted since the Rapid Prototyping house can convert these files into an STL file that can then be read by the printers.
  • If you only have a 2D design file, you need to have a designer or a mechanical engineer draft the design into a 3D file.