Wackie Wednesday Presents – 3D Printed Duck Legs

//Wackie Wednesday Presents – 3D Printed Duck Legs

Wackie Wednesday Presents – 3D Printed Duck Legs

3D Printed Duck Legs, For Real

We know better than anyone how fantastic 3d printing can be, however we had to post this as under the title Wackie Wednesday, as we aren’t sure these 3D printed prosthetic duck legs and feet are actually an improvement to what Phillip the Duck was managing with prior.

3d printed duck legs

Phillip lost his two feet to frostbite and was set to be put to sleep, as he was unable to walk. With aid of FDM 3D printing and a few kind folks (teacher Jason Jischke and owner Vicki Rabe-Harrison), he was graced with two new ones.

Fortunately for humans, 3D printing has created much better functioning appendages. At 3D Prototype Design, we ourselves have even built replacement body parts and prosthetic hands. We’ve even made body parts from CT scans.

The good news in the end for Phillip  (3D printed duck legs or not) was that he was sent to an animal sanctuary to live out his days.

Watch the video here:

3d printed duck legs video


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