From conception to implementation, a successful prototype can make or break a first impression. The best prototype will be sturdy, professional, and will work as a good representation of the finished product. Whether you are creating a mock up to streamline your design or you are using it as a sample to sell your idea, prototyping is necessary for any designer.

One of the best materials to use for a 3D Prototype is nylon. Flexible, functional, and durable, nylon is one of the most popular choices for printers. While there are several grades of nylon available, 3D Prototype uses the equivalent to Nylon 12. This type of nylon allows for highly detailed models with multiple production parts to be created. It is important to have snap-fit assembly strong enough for testing and use. This material is also chemical and heat resistant, takes paint easily, and can be drilled and tapped if needed.

3D Prototype has perfected the manufacturing process over the years, and can create and ship durable prototypes on a quick deadline. With 3D Prototype’s help, you can pitch your product in a professional, timely manner.