Patents and Your Invention

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Invention Protection Help

If you have a great idea for an invention — you’ll want to do what you can to protect it.

DO NOT PAY TO MEET WITH A LAWYER until you’ve gotten your hands on our program. It will speed up your invention and save you money!

With information supplied by one of North America’s leading patent law firms, the Inventor’s Action Program offers you a trustworthy source that will give you detailed patent knowledge, ways to protect your idea and insider tips that would normally cost hundreds, if not thousands of dollars if you were to consult with a lawyer.

Within the program you will learn:

  • Simple ways to start protecting your idea now (before the patent process)
  • Smart, cost saving steps and information
  • Must know patenting facts and options
  • Valuable information before meeting with a lawyer
  • Plus, customizable invention non-disclosure agreement ($1,200 value)

And, any money you save on legal costs can go right back into your invention — bringing you that much closer to your end goal!

​Think You Need To Patent Your Invention?

It’s understandable that the majority of inventors believe their first course of action should be to patent their invention to keep others from profiting off their idea. Although patents can hold value, many inventors start this costly process unaware of crucial facts, steps they should have taken first, as well as what protection patents actually offer. Learn what you need to know before you spend.

A Few Patent Facts:

  • ​Even with patent protection, there is no 100% guarantee that an idea won’t be taken, made or sold by another
  • Patent holders are responsible to find those infringing on their patent and then take legal action at their own expense to try and get them to stop
  • Defending a patent can easily exceed the cost of the patent, without guarantee of recuperating expenses (even if the case is won)
  • There is no such thing as a worldwide patent. Patents have to be obtained and defended in each country of interest (each at their own expense)
  • All the details of an invention are published and made available to the public, for all to see within 18 months of filing (even if the patent isn’t granted)
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