Nylon Material Has a Long Lifespan

//Nylon Material Has a Long Lifespan

Nylon Material Has a Long Lifespan

In addition to making your rapid prototype versatile, nylon 12-equivalent material also has properties that allow your prototype to enjoy an impressively long lifespan. The amount of time that our nylon products remain strong and useable is so long that many companies are now ordering smaller pieces to be used as final products.

By ordering 3D prototypes that have a long lifespan, you are doing two main things.

First you are saving your company money, because you only need to order a model, prototype or part one time and it will last. With other companies and some other materials, you may have to reorder the product two or three additional times within the same span of time that our products last.

Secondly, you are generating less waste, and partaking in greener business practices as a result. Companies that order cheaper prototypes end up creating two or three times the amount of plastic trash in landfills each year as companies who order prototypes and models from us.

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